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Why should I book a lifestyle newborn session?: Newtown Ct Lifestyle Newborn and family Photographer

Why should I book a lifestyle newborn session?

When expecting a child you have so many different thoughts running in your brain and the thought of finding a photographer can be overwhelming. I am sure there are so many thoughts running through your head of whether or not you should make the investment on newborn photos or what type of photos you want to have done. While at the same time questioning it if it’ll be worth it in the end.


All of my Newborn Sessions I photograph take place within the clients home. It is a very comfortable setting and laid back for newborn sessions. After welcoming your baby into the world you are exhausted, sore and sleepy. Whether you deliver your baby naturally or csection, the last thing I want you to worry about is traveling for your photos. I want you to be in your home environment where you feel comfortable and happy. Most of the photos will take place in the master bedroom on the bed or on the couch where you are resting and in a comfortable position.


My newborn sessions are very laid back and I run all on the baby’s schedule, the session runs anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. The baby often runs the show and I like to build in enough time during the session for multiple feedings, diaper changes etc. I don’t want anyone to panic or stress about rushing to get all the photos you want. There is nothing to stress about for your photos, babies are very unpredictable and it is totally normal for the baby to be fussy and for older siblings to be cranky at times.

With lifestyle sessions, I don’t focus on the picture perfect smiles of everyone looking at the camera. Sometimes getting everyone to focus their attention on the camera and smiling can be frustrating and exhausting so I instead focus on the moments of you cradling or rocking your newborn in your arms while your husband tosses your toddler in the air. I want to keep everyone happy and make sure the session very laid back.


 I don’t focus on fancy poses or the typical newborn poses of your baby naked, I often focus on your family as whole and have you focus your attention on your newborn.


I encourage clients to take it all in and just love on your newborn baby

cuddle them,

hold their tiny hands

kiss them

and hug them.

 This stage of your life is full of joy and excitement welcoming a new baby and I want to document all of the different emotions for you to remember.

Fairfield County CT Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photographer: Newborn Guide

Newborn Guide:

How Long Is The Session?

-Anywhere between 1 hour to 2 hours max all depending on how baby’s mood is. Typically during newborn sessions we take a lot of feeding and diaper changing breaks.


Random Helpful Tips For Your Session:

-Make sure everyone eats before session (Mom, dad & siblings)

-Try your best to stay calm when the baby gets fussy. It can be very stressful when the baby gets upset, but it is all normal.

-Take it all in and just love on your newborn baby. Cuddle them, kiss them and hug them. This stage of your life is full of joy and excitement welcoming a new baby and I want to document all of the different emotions for you to remember.


How Do We Get The Baby Ready?

  • 1/2 hour before I arrive please have a fresh diaper on the baby and give one last feeding. Feeding the baby prior to the session starting can help make the baby sleepy.

  • Temperature-The warmer the room better, turning the heat on an hour before the session will keep the baby happy and comfortable. You can lower the temperature before Kendra is set to arrive to make it feel more comfortable for the parents.

  • Be prepared for breaks- The baby runs the show and will take some occasional breaks for feedings, diaper changes etc. Babies can be very unpredictable and it is totally normal for the baby to be fussy.

    Where Are We Going To Take The Photos?

  • A majority of the session will take place in the baby's room or master bedroom or living room so please have the curtains and shades open to allow the natural light to come through.

  • I often love to pose the family and new baby in the parent's bed, on the couch, anywhere comfy and snuggly.

  • No need to clean, but just try and make sure the clutter has found its way to a closet in these particular rooms.


What Do We Wear?

-Start with one outfit and add-on/work from there. 

-Try to stick to the Neutral/Pastel color palette (they photograph better)

-Dress Comfortably (The session is a laid back and fun shoot so it is important you feel comfortable whatever you are wearing)

-Avoid clothing with wording/characters on it

What Should The Baby Wear?

-The baby will be swaddled a majority of the session, but I suggest setting aside 1 or 2 simple outfits for them to wear during the session.

I am so excited for our upcoming session!

Ridgefield Connecticut: Family and Newborn Photographer Kendra Conroy Photography: Tips on downloading and storing your images:

Your images are now ready to download and

now what do you do?

Tips on downloading and storing your images:

Photographs are very important and special to you and your family. It is devastating to lose special memories and can be very expensive to recover when the images become lost/damaged.

It is critical to be prepared by storing them in multiple places. Storing them in various places can give you peace of mind if something were ever to happen (theft, fire/water damage, etc). I store my images on an online storage system (I use google drive), a backup hard drive (or 2 never hurts) and for really important photos, put them on a USB in a fireproof box with other important papers.

USB-Pay an additional fee to have images delivered on a custom usb from Kendra Conroy Photography

PRINT PRINT PRINTS-Making copies of your images in both digital and print form is very important. Prints are classic and something you won’t ever regret doing. Digital files have a risk of being lost in the cloud, stolen, corrupted and damaged, having a printed copy is always a good idea.

Backup Hard drive-One of the best suggestions is to have your images stored in multiple places as technology can fail, and files can be damaged. It is much better to be safe than sorry to store your images in various places. -If you need suggestions for a good external hard drive, Wirecutter, the New York Times product-review site, has a roundup of options at different sizes and price points here.

Online Cloud service- Backup images to online cloud service. There are multiple different online places to back up your , and all have their pros & cons, be sure to research before choosing a service. Many services offer free backups and can be very convenient as you can view them from multiples places (phone, iPad, tablet and computer.) -Suggested services-Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Prime

Do’s and dont’s:

● When downloading images from your online gallery, I suggest downloading them onto your computer rather than your phone/tablet/iPad. The quality might not be the same

● Don’t print images from your phone

● Don’t rely on only storing images on facebook or other social media outlets. The images size can be reduced dramatically, and the quality won’t be good when trying to print pictures.

● Be aware not all places that print images will be the same quality as the digital version and cannot be guaranteed to be the same quality as when getting them printed through Kendra Conroy Photography.

● 3rd Party printing places such as Walgreens, Shutterfly, and Walmart can alter the images to make them oversaturated, duller, or less sharp.

● Don’t rely on storing your images in one place as things can happen when you least expect it, and you can lose very important images within seconds. Recover services do exist when files go missing but can be very pricey and can't as be guaranteed to work.

Do you have any more questions regarding how to download or store your special photographs? Feel free to email

Ridgefield Connecticut Newborn and Family Photographer : Fresh 48 Model Call

Thank you for your interest in Kendra Conroy Photography’s Fresh 48 Model Call.  

I am looking for two sweet and loving families to participant in a Fresh 48 model call session taking place this October. Welcoming a new addition to the family is always such a beautiful part in life, and I would love to document memories for your family to look back upon. I need 2 mommas to be for that are due by mid/late October.


A Fresh 48 is a session takes place within the first 48 hours of your baby's life. This session focuses on your newborn baby and your family as a whole. The first couple days of welcoming your baby into the world can feel like such a blur with such happy and important memories taking place in such a short period of time. This will be one of your favorite days of your life and I want you to have images from this time to remember. The session typically takes place in the hospital, home, birthing center and is up to 60 minutes long. 


 Included in the session is 5 high resolution digital images with a print release and 25% off all products in exchange for signing a model release form/contract with both Kendra Conroy Photography and Little and Luxe company I am collaborating with.

  • -Families must live within Fairfield County, Connecticut or be willing to travel to Fairfield County, Ct

  • Must not be working with any other Fresh 48 photographers.

  • Already booked clients are ineligible

If interested please email for more details!

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Newtown Connecticut Family Photographer | Five tips to rock your family photos

Five tips to rock your family photos

You have officially booked your family session and now it is time to prepare for it! You might be feeling a bit nervous, but that is completely normal. How do you do you prepare exactly? Here are my top 5 tips for rocking your family photos


1) Relax

We all know having a camera in front of you can be intimidating, and it can be stressful trying to make sure your children are looking tip top and behaving, but staying calm and relaxed is always one of my top suggestions. If you are stressed, it will show in pictures and I want you to be enjoying your time your little ones loving on them, ticking them and just being together.

2) On the day of the session be sure everyone is well rested and fed.

We can all get a bit cranky when these basic needs are not met. It is important no one shows up to the session on an empty stomach. I encourage everyone has a substantial meal before the session to provide the energy to make it through a fun and potentially active session.

-Nothing worse than having hangry children during your family session


3) Be prepared to have fun, giggle and play games with your family.

I am not the photographer that focuses on everyone looking perfectly at the camera, but instead focus on the little moments and the connection between family members. We don’t want you to have to have stiff and rigid family photos for you to look back upon.

I always encourage my clients to loosen up, have fun, snuggle and laugh with their family. Don’t be afraid of playing with your children; tossing your toddler in the air, swinging your child back & forth, tickling your children or playing ring around the Rosie. Interacting with your children and playing with your children will create more genuine and happy smiles.


4) Be calm and patient with your little ones.

Little ones can be very hit or miss when it comes to their moods, they can be very unpredictable. I roll with the punches and try everything up my sleeve I can to get a smile out of them, but parents staying cool, calm and collective is often the best solution to their cranky vibes.


If their mood starts to go bad to worse in a matter of seconds I always recommend parents

  • Stay calm (they can sense when you are tense/stressed and it will make them more upset)

  • Hold them/rock them/sing to them/pat them on the back

  • Bring the child’s favorite comfort toy/book for them to hold, it can help calm them down


There is nothing sweeter than a photo of a momma comforting and loving on her baby.

5) Give yourself enough time


I suggest arriving to the session at least 10 minutes early dressed and ready. I photograph the hour before sunset (golden hour) and after this hour the light is very limited. Be sure to give yourself enough time to get ready and to get to the location, nothing is worse then when you are rushing.

You’ve got this! I try to keep the session upbeat and fun for everyone.

Newtown Connecticut Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photographer | You are so loved

Baby girl you are so loved, and you don't even know yet. 


Your Mommy and Daddy waited patiently for nine months to hold you tight, kiss you and hug you.


They look at you and with magic in their eyes because they are so happy to have you be apart of their family.


Your brother is so overjoyed to have you in his life. He loves to hold you, kiss you and he will always be there to protect you. 


You are such an amazing addition to the world. You are so loved and your family's love for you will forever grow with you. You are so loved and always will be.

Welcome sweet baby girl!

Where to shop for your fall session | Fairfield County Family Photographer

It officially feels like fall now with the cold temperature! Now it is the PERFECT time to plan for your fall session.

Are you struggling to find outfits for your family session? I am sharing my suggestions on what to wear and my favorite places to shop!


We are creating a memory of your favorite day. I want you to choose clothing that reflects who you are as a person, makes you feel beautiful and confident.


For women and girls: long flow dresses help create a feeling of movement and emotion in your images. Choose solid colors or timeless prints that compliment your skin tone.

You can find amazing pieces at

  • Free People

  • Lulus

  • Jen’s Pirate Booty

  • Forever 21


Girls: There are so many sweet options for girls! Here are some of my favorite places to shop for girls.

  • Zara

  • Target

  • Old Navy

  • Rylee & Crew


For men and boys: I recommend they wear v neck t-shirts and button ups in solid neutral colors: white, black and blue and fitted shorts or pants.

Here are some of my suggestions where to shop for boys:

  • Old Navy

  • H &M

  • Gap

  • Zara

Here my favorite shops for men:

  • Gap

  • Jcrew


I have a Style Pinterest board that is divided into separate boards for each member of your family. It has images of outfits and then has direct links to where to purchase the clothing. I pinned my favorite choices for the Fall season!

Are you missing within your family photos? Fairfield County, CT Family Photographer

There is often one member in the family who is not usually in the photos because they happen to be the one taking the pictures.


Does this sound familiar to you?

When you do happen to  get in with photos are the only photos you are in selfies where you only can see your left eye?


I encourage people to book family sessions as the stage of life with little ones goes by us so quickly, and I want to be sure everyone has the opportunity to have memories of it. It is such a special time in life, and everyone deserves to be apart of the family portrait.


During family sessions, I encourage everyone to participate in the session. I want to capture them smiling with their children, playing with their children and just loving on their children. I want to document your life as a parent whether it is a mother or a father, your role in your child's life deserves to be remembered and treasured.


I want to document your life as a parent whether it is a mother or a father, your role in your child's life deserves to be remembered and treasured.  This stage of life goes by us so quickly, and I want to be sure everyone has the opportunity to remember it through photographs.

Fall 2018 Promotion: Fairfield County, Connecticut

I believe we have lost touch with making prints of our family images. Most of our photos are digital copies which are trapped on our phones, computers and yes facebooks. When I was a child we would have all our images printed and then put into albums; we have physical proof of our family's childhood memories. Most of us have hard copies of the photographs from of our childhood for our future generations to see, physically touch and hold, but the next generation has their childhood backed up on google drive or facebook. 


For my niece's generation to show them a photo of when they were baby's we pull out our phones and look at our facebook albums. We don't have the actual physical copies of their childhood images and we could lose them if we were to lose our phones or if Facebook were to suddenly disappear one day.  


I believe prints matter, so for the month of August when you purchase a collection featuring digital files, you’ll also receive the corresponding 4x6 print - absolutely FREE

To find out more about pricing click in the box below




What is a Fresh 48 session? Wilton, Ct Photographer

If you are a parent, I am sure one of the days in your life you remember vividly is the day your children were born.

It is both a joyous and happy time in your life. You are in pure bliss state of mind, and you are trying to take it all in and not forget this special time in your life. 


What is a Fresh 48 session?

A Fresh 48 is a session takes place within the first 48 hours of your baby's life. This session focuses on your newborn baby and your family as a whole. The first couple days of welcoming your baby into the world can feel like such a blur with such happy and important memories taking place in such a short period of time. This will be one of your favorite days of your life and I want you to have images from this time to remember. The session typically takes place in the hospital, home, birthing center and is up to 60 minutes long. 

What do you photograph?

I photograph your newest addition and your family. I focus on the baby for the first half of the session photographing the little details of your baby such as

  • the hospital hats/blankets your child is wearing or wrapped up within
  • the hospital bracelets on their tiny ankles
  • their tiny wrinkly toes and fingers
  • the baby in the hospital bassinet 

I then add mom, dad and any siblings to the frame, focusing on the connection that you have with for your bundle of joy. I find it is essential to capture mom and dad with their newborn; it is a gift you are giving yourself and your baby for the future. They will have the ability to look back on the day they were born and see the love you had for them. Some moments that happen within your baby's first few hours of being born are moments you can not recreate again. 


  • your oldest children meeting your newborn for the first time
  • introduction to family members
  • the tight embrace or kiss you give your newborn that you've waited 9 months to do
  • mom/dad's first diaper change
  • going home from the hospital 



Why should we choose to book a Fresh 48 session?

I think it is a very important memory to have for not only yourselves, but your children to look back on. There will days where you wish they would get bigger, but you soon will discover that time goes by much faster than we plan and one day in the not so distant future you will want to turn back time to these days. The days are long, but the years are short. Before you know it you soon will be preparing yourself for your baby's first birthday. Be sure to cherish all of the newborn days including the rough days where you find yourself wishing for a full nights sleep.


Kendra Conroy Photography is now offering Fresh 48 sessions. Are you interested in learning more about Fresh 48 sessions? Feel free to send an email to me.