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Shout out to the winter babies in Connecticut: Ridgefield, Ct Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photographer;

Are you expecting a winter baby this upcoming year? I was born on the very last day of December, and I have to say that it is an extraordinary time of year to have a birthday.

This year has been the most special one yet! The year 2018 has been so full of both new and returning clients. My heart is so full, and I am very thankful for all of those who have supported my small business.

Starting in 2019 I will now be opening up my calendar and taking more bookings for Fresh 48 & Newborn. I have decided to focus more of my attention on photographing one of my passions, and I am excited to start giving my clients more options. My 2019 calendar is filling up very fast, and I only have a few spots left. I don’t want you to miss out on having the opportunity in photographing your Fresh 48 or Newborn session.

I have a couple of openings for newborn sessions for January-March, and I would love to capture your bundle of joy! I love photographing sweet newborns and their families, and I find it very rewarding. Lifestyle newborn sessions typically take place in your home about two weeks after the baby birth date while Fresh 48 sessions take place up to 48 hours after their arrival in the hospital.

Here are a few of my favorite images from one of my most recent newborn sessions I photographed at the end of October. This baby below is sweet baby Oliver and his family. His family feels so incredibly blessed to welcome him into their family, and I had the honor of photographing their new family of four.

Interested in booking a Fresh 48 or a Newborn session, but have more questions regarding Fresh 48 or Newborn sessions?

Email to for my guide to booking a Fresh 48 /Newborn session.

Black Friday Specials

It is officially holiday season now that thanksgiving is over and now it is time for the very limited time offers for Black Friday!


Don’t forget these specials are for a limited time and have limited quantities. Are you ready to hear what I am offering?

Special: #1-

  • $100 off collection 2-4 when booking a 2019 session (limited to the first 2 bookings)

  • Receive $50 off collection 1 when booking a 2019 session (limited to the first 2 bookings)

    -Retainer and full session fee must be paid in full at the time of booking. Cannot be used towards already booked sessions*

Special #2-

Do you still have heart eyes from your fall images and regretting not purchasing additional digitals or prints? Now is the perfect time to order those digitals or prints for the holidays. They make for perfect gifts for the holidays!

  • 25% off of digital images and prints

Special #3-

-Book a maternity or newborn session and get a $200 credit towards a Fresh 48 session


Specials are due to expire Monday 11/26 evening at 8 pm!

Are you ready to book or order more digital images? Email me at


*All sessions booked and collections purchased on Black Friday with special #1 must be used by August 1st, 2019. No refunds will be given on Black Friday purchases. Contract will be sent within one week of purchase and due back signed upon receiving.*

Specials listed above cannot be combined with any other offers/specials.

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Ridgefield Connecticut Newborn and Family Photographer : Fresh 48 Model Call

Thank you for your interest in Kendra Conroy Photography’s Fresh 48 Model Call.  

I am looking for two sweet and loving families to participant in a Fresh 48 model call session taking place this October. Welcoming a new addition to the family is always such a beautiful part in life, and I would love to document memories for your family to look back upon. I need 2 mommas to be for that are due in January or early February.


A Fresh 48 is a session takes place within the first 48 hours of your baby's life. This session focuses on your newborn baby and your family as a whole. The first couple days of welcoming your baby into the world can feel like such a blur with such happy and important memories taking place in such a short period of time. This will be one of your favorite days of your life and I want you to have images from this time to remember. The session typically takes place in the hospital, home, birthing center and is up to 60 minutes long. 


 Included in the session is 5 high resolution digital images with a print release and 25% off all products in exchange for signing a model release form/contract with both Kendra Conroy Photography and Little and Luxe company I am collaborating with.

  • -Families must live within Fairfield County, Connecticut or be willing to travel to Fairfield County, Ct

  • Must not be working with any other Fresh 48 photographers.

  • Already booked clients are ineligible

If interested please email for more details!

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Fall 2018 Promotion: Fairfield County, Connecticut

I believe we have lost touch with making prints of our family images. Most of our photos are digital copies which are trapped on our phones, computers and yes facebooks. When I was a child we would have all our images printed and then put into albums; we have physical proof of our family's childhood memories. Most of us have hard copies of the photographs from of our childhood for our future generations to see, physically touch and hold, but the next generation has their childhood backed up on google drive or facebook. 


For my niece's generation to show them a photo of when they were baby's we pull out our phones and look at our facebook albums. We don't have the actual physical copies of their childhood images and we could lose them if we were to lose our phones or if Facebook were to suddenly disappear one day.  


I believe prints matter, so for the month of August when you purchase a collection featuring digital files, you’ll also receive the corresponding 4x6 print - absolutely FREE

To find out more about pricing click in the box below




Spring Recap: Newtown, Ct Family Photographer

What have you missed this Spring? It certainly has been a busy season and I am always so fortunate to have such awesome clients. While I cannot simply share every image from this spring, I'd love to share a few!


Recently I have created a personalized style guide for my clients. When you book a session with me you will recieve both a style guide and a client guide. The style guide provides both photos and links of what to wear for your session, helping you dress both stylish and comfortable. Both guides will prepare you for your session and give you information of what to do to get ready for your session.

I collaborated with a company that specializes in making baby blankets that say "I am enough". Here is a quote from the owner of the company explaining why she chose to make the blankets. "For our children to grow up knowing they are enough. They are smart enough, beautiful enough, brave enough and strong enough. For this next generation to grow to be fierce and confident, with dreams and aspirations. Our blanket is a daily reminder that all children deserve to feel strong. Strong enough to be themselves, to speak their minds and to try new things, even if they may fall." In an upcoming blog post I will be sharing the heartwarming and special stories of what makes these little ones truely one of a kind. 


I also had the opportunity to photograph some expectant mommas & their sweet families!


I cannot wait to share more images and details regarding these spring sessions!


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Mother and Daughter

Are you curious how my clients feel after the session?

I would love to give you a different point of view and give you the opportunity to hear from a past client. Below is a little Q & A with a momma of 6 from a recent session of mine. 

Newtown Ct Family Photographer Kendra Conroy Photography

"Did you have a positive experience during the session?"

Working with Kendra was a great experience, she didn't rush, and Marin didn't fuss at all. The location that Kendra chose was beautiful too. 

Newtown Ct Family Photographer Kendra Conroy Photography

"What is your favorite quality in your youngest child, Marin? "

Marin has an infectious smile; you can’t help but smile when she does. She is such a happy baby. Her whole face lights up, and she is so proud of everything she does (you can see that in the image below)

Barbaralogo2 (12 of 21)12.jpg

"When looking back on your session what does it make you feel?"
How important it is to treasure every moment; time goes by so fast!  It’s bittersweet really; I wish I had done photo shoots like this with all of my kids. 


"What do you want to remember when looking back on these images?"

The beautiful day in early March, just me & my baby girl. The peacefulness and purity of being in nature. How tiny and innocent she was.  


Final Thoughts from Kendra:

 I often encourage both moms and dads to get in the frame with their little ones; I find it to be a vital task in life to be present in photos with your children. I want parents to look back on their images as memories and treasure them.  We all know life moves by us much faster than we expect and we do not have the power to go back in time, but we do have the ability to relive a time when looking back on photos.  If you want to make everlasting memories with your children, book a session with me, please be sure to email to plan your special session today!


Unbelievable deal for spring sessions!

Now that the large snow storm is out of our sights...lets talk SPRING/SUMMER woo. The calandar is now open and I am booking for for spring and summer & there is a great deal for those of you considering booking.


I am currently offering a special when you book your 2018 session today & receive 50% off
any session! 

Did you hear that right? That's 50% off!! 

FairfieldCountyCtfamilyphotographyKendra Conroy Photography

Are you interested in booking a session? Email for more details




*Excludes mini sessions*


Family Sessions Have My Whole Heart

Family sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph to date.

It is just something about knowing that I was able to preserve a moment in time in a family life that they can look back upon and cherish. 

Family of Four in Fairfield County, CT

Being a child of photographers, I understand both perspectives of being present in front of the camera and behind the camera.

I very fortunate to have the ability look back at photographs from my own childhood and be able to visualize what my childhood felt like. I want to do the same for all of my clients.

Mommy and Daddy with their twins Fairfield County, Ct Kendra Conroy Photography

I want them to remember all of the kisses and all of the snuggles.


I want them to remember all of the giggles they had together.

Little girl dancing at a Farm in Fairfield County, Ct Kendra Conroy Photography

I want them to feel both joy and happiness looking back on these photographs

Twin bond Fairfield County Ct Kendra Conroy Photography

I want them to remember where their friendships with their siblings began and how connected they were to one another

Family love in Fairfield County, Ct Kendra Conroy Photography

Most importantly I want them to remember how much they were loved