What is Lifestyle Photography?

What is Lifestyle Photography?

This is one my most frequent asked questions and in this blog post I will explain in how I define Lifestyle Photography

Mom and baby in Westchester, NY Lifestyle Newborn Photography

The photograph is about the people,the moments, the comfort of the setting -not saying cheese while wearing your Sunday best. 

Newborn baby and mom Westchester New York Lifestyle Photographer

It is about the little and in between moments. Those moments you don’t think to capture.

Brand new family in Westchester, NY Lifestyle Photography

These photographs are how we capture memories 

Dad and son Lifestyle Newborn Photography Westchester NY

lifestyle is about when a parent bonds with their child , forgetting that im even in the room recording the loving glance 

Newborn Sleeping Lifestyle Newborn Westchester NY

My goal is to capture emotions, bonds and the love that a family shares with each other. Such as the gentle touches, special glances, kisses and hugs,dancing in the fresh air.

The ultimate goal is to look back at the photograph and feel the emotion again

The emotion of amily bonding and raw love 

Lifestyle photography is sharing your photograph and touching someones heart 

Lifestyle photography is sharing your photograph and touching someones heart 

  1. hello@jengrimaphotography.com says:

    Love this, it really is all about the emotion! I love being able to look at a photo years later and remember exactly what that moment felt like.

  2. Amber says:

    It’s the best! These images are beautiful!

  3. Nikki G. says:

    I just love the true interactions that this style of photography brings! What a beautiful family, and such lovely photos!

  4. info@erikakaophotography.cm says:

    Kendra, these photos are so beautiful. I wish you lived closer!

  5. I love the softness of these images. They are gentle and real! Perfect

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