Location, location, location

Locations are very important for my family sessions. I find tha the setting for the session can help tell a story by highlighting the beauty that surrounds us each and every day.

Each person has a particular place in their mind that is their happy place, the place that makes them feel alive. The type of location it varies for each person, it could be the woods, the ocean, the mountains or even in their own home.


When I choose locations for sessions I look for both quiet, but unique places. I feel like these places give both myself and my clients the desire to explore and discover our surroundings. 


Do you ever go a new place and instantly feel a particular way?


Does it…

  • Makes your heart happy?
  • Give you the desire to explore?

Lifestyle Family Photographer FairfieldCountyCt Kendra Conroy Photography

  • Does it set you free? Or does it make you feel at peace?
  • Does it make you dream of your own future? 

Kendra Conroy Photography NewtownCtFamilyPhotographer

A location can help shape a session and make a tremendous impact on a session.

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