Mother and Daughter


Are you curious how my clients feel after the session?

I would love to give you a different point of view and give you the opportunity to hear from a past client. Below is a little Q & A with a momma of 6 from a recent session of mine. 

Newtown Ct Family Photographer Kendra Conroy Photography

“Did you have a positive experience during the session?”

Working with Kendra was a great experience, she didn’t rush, and Marin didn’t fuss at all. The location that Kendra chose was beautiful too. 

Newtown Ct Family Photographer Kendra Conroy Photography

“What is your favorite quality in your youngest child, Marin? “

Marin has an infectious smile; you can’t help but smile when she does. She is such a happy baby. Her whole face lights up, and she is so proud of everything she does (you can see that in the image below)

Barbaralogo2 (12 of 21)12.jpg

“When looking back on your session what does it make you feel?”
How important it is to treasure every moment; time goes by so fast!  It’s bittersweet really; I wish I had done photo shoots like this with all of my kids. 


“What do you want to remember when looking back on these images?”

The beautiful day in early March, just me & my baby girl. The peacefulness and purity of being in nature. How tiny and innocent she was.  


Final Thoughts from Kendra:

 I often encourage both moms and dads to get in the frame with their little ones; I find it to be a vital task in life to be present in photos with your children. I want parents to look back on their images as memories and treasure them.  We all know life moves by us much faster than we expect and we do not have the power to go back in time, but we do have the ability to relive a time when looking back on photos.  If you want to make everlasting memories with your children, book a session with me, please be sure to email to plan your special session today!



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