Top Five reasons not to skip out on hiring a professional for your Fresh 48 session : Newtown Connecticut Newborn and Family Photographer Kendra Conroy Photography

Are you expecting a baby this upcoming year and looking at your options for photos? It can be very overwhelming searching for photographers, but I want to make it an easy and stress-free process for you.

Fresh 48 photography is a fairly new trend, but it is a beautiful way to document those sweet moments of welcoming your newborn baby. These sessions take place up to 48 hours after your little one’s arrival and take place in the hospital or birthing center.


Fresh 48 sessions make my heart melt and are one of my favorite things to photograph. The first couple of days of welcoming your baby into the world can feel like such a blur with such happy and important memories taking place in such a short period of time. This will be one of your favorite days of your life and I want you to have images from this time to remember.


  1. It is a memorable day you will want to relive again someday: Your child’s birthdate is such a special day for not only your child but for the parents as well. It will be one of your favorite days in your life and one you will never want to forget. These photographs you will look back on someday and cherish.

    2) These days will be a blur: These first few days of having a newborn will feel like a real blur! There is so much going with nurses, doctors, and visitors coming in & out.  It will be overwhelming with everything going on to take the photos yourself. You can relax knowing the pressure is off knowing you have the don’t have to do it yourself.

3) These are the days: Your baby will never be this new and tiny again. This time in your lives can never be replaced or redone. I don’t want you to regret not this day documented, you will want you to remember all of the details:

  • How your baby looked so tiny while placed in your arms

  • The classic baby wrapped up in the hospital blanket in the bassinet

  • How their tiny their fingers and toes looked

4) Being present in photos: You can be present in photos and spend more time with your newborn rather than taking all the photos yourself. I want you to enjoy all the time you have with your little baby and be in the photos with them. I always try to share the importance of getting in the photos with my clients and I share with them that their child will never be this tiny again. You might not feel your best to be in the photos at the moment, but you will not regret getting in the photos 6 months from now or two years from now. Time truly does fly and it is always wonderful to look back on photos to relive our special days.

5) Quality images: You don’t need the additional stress of hoping someone will capture all the details of your baby and your family correctly.


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