Ordering Prints for your home where to print and where not to print

As your photographer, I offer various print sizes and options for you to choose from. I always recommend you go through me to order prints as the quality is much better than what you would see from anywhere else. Print orders take about two weeks for them to be ready to be delivered.

If you are looking for another option to print your own images, I have a few suggestions of where to avoid and where I recommend ordering from. 

Where to avoid:

  • Walmart

  • Shutterfly

  • Snapfish

  • Walgreens

The prints at drugstores and online printing can be lower quality and unreliable. When sending your images to these locations, you never really know what they turn out like when you have the final product. Their colors in the prints tend to shift, making the people skin tones change in the images. 

Where should I print my images? I always recommend printing your images through me as I cannot guarantee the prints’ quality through other labs other than the one that I choose to use. However, I suggest mpix if you’re looking for another option; their quality is much better than drugstores.

If you would like to place a print order with me please email kendra@kendraconroy.com for my pricing list.

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