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Why should we hire a photographer for newborn photos? Lifestyle Newborn Session- Wilton, Connecticut Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Kendra Conroy Photography

Welcoming a baby into your family is such a joyous occasion for everyone in the family. It is such a beautiful part of your life and you will want to remember this time in your life one day in your future. Now here is the question…Do you take the photos yourself or hire a professional?


Top 5 Reasons why you should hire a professional photographer:

1) These are the days: Your baby will never be this new and tiny again. This time in your lives can never be replaced or redone. I don’t want you to regret not this day documented, you will want you to remember all of the details:

  • How your baby looked so tiny while placed in your arms

  • The classic baby wrapped up in a swaddle in their crib

  • How their tiny their fingers and toes looked

2) Being present in photos: You can be present in photos and spend more time with your newborn rather than taking all the photos yourself. I want you to enjoy all the time you have with your little baby and be in the photos with them. I always try to share the importance of getting in the photos with my clients and I share with them that their child will never be this tiny again. You might not feel your best to be in the photos at the moment, but you will not regret getting in the photos 6 months from now or two years from now. Time truly does fly and it is always wonderful to look back on photos to relive our special days.

  • Hiring a photographer before you give birth take the weight off your chest and allow you to be with your family stress free. You can enjoy this stage of your life without having to worry about what to photograph and what not to.

3) Quality images: You don’t need the additional stress of hoping someone will capture all the details of your baby and your family correctly. We are in the generation where we have our iPhones in our hands constantly and have access having a camera in our hands at all times. iPhones can take good pictures, but professional cameras take the cake and quality the is top notch. Professional photographers know their equipment inside & out and know just exactly how to work with the elements such as the light.

4) Direction- A professional photographer will guide you how to prepare for your session before, during and after. She will offer directions of how to stand, dress for your session and give prompts to make you feel comfortable during your session. Your session experience should be stress free and laid back.

5) The newborn stage is a real blur: These first few weeks of having a newborn will feel like a real blur!  It will be overwhelming with everything going on to take the photos yourself. You can relax knowing the pressure is off knowing you have the don’t have to do it yourself. Y

The Art of Inhome Lifestyle Family Sessions Ridgefield Connecticut Newborn and Family Photographer

In home Lifestyle family sessions are quickly becoming a very popular trend in 2019. The sessions are a very laid back type of photo shoot which takes place within your own home, there are no crazy props or prompts involved.

Now think about your home for a minute. Do you have a favorite part of your home? It could be a room that gets the most sunlight during the day or it could be a part of your home where you and your family spend a most of your time in playing and giggling. In home sessions are more on a personal level and which makes the session feel very special.

Below are some images from one of my most recent shoots with the sweet Moonan family in their beautiful home. This family’s home had the cutest window nooks which a majority of the session took place. It was such a cozy part of their home and a perfect spot for all five of them to sit for their photos.


Have you been considering an inhome family session, but have been questioning if your home is the right fit for photographs?

You don’t need a large picturesque home to have a photo shoot in your home, all you need is a window that streams in beautiful natural light and a blank wall. When there is enough natural light we can adapt to anything.


In Home family sessions are perfect for families with little ones and for the chilly winter weather seasons we have living on the East Coast. You don’t have to worry about forgetting anything at home, your children will be in the comfort of their own home and you don’t have to worry about the temperatures being bearable. Want to find out more about in home sessions? Email