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The Art of Inhome Lifestyle Family Sessions Ridgefield Connecticut Newborn and Family Photographer

In home Lifestyle family sessions are quickly becoming a very popular trend in 2019. The sessions are a very laid back type of photo shoot which takes place within your own home, there are no crazy props or prompts involved.

Now think about your home for a minute. Do you have a favorite part of your home? It could be a room that gets the most sunlight during the day or it could be a part of your home where you and your family spend a most of your time in playing and giggling. In home sessions are more on a personal level and which makes the session feel very special.

Below are some images from one of my most recent shoots with the sweet Moonan family in their beautiful home. This family’s home had the cutest window nooks which a majority of the session took place. It was such a cozy part of their home and a perfect spot for all five of them to sit for their photos.


Have you been considering an inhome family session, but have been questioning if your home is the right fit for photographs?

You don’t need a large picturesque home to have a photo shoot in your home, all you need is a window that streams in beautiful natural light and a blank wall. When there is enough natural light we can adapt to anything.


In Home family sessions are perfect for families with little ones and for the chilly winter weather seasons we have living on the East Coast. You don’t have to worry about forgetting anything at home, your children will be in the comfort of their own home and you don’t have to worry about the temperatures being bearable. Want to find out more about in home sessions? Email

Secret Iphone camera tips for the Holidays | Ridgefield, Ct Newborn and Family Photographer

Christmas is right around the corner and while your wrapping presents take a second to read my top suggestions on how to take a good family iPhone pictures .
The holidays are such a magical time of year and I believe these moments should be documented.


Here are some tips for you that you can easily use your iPhone to document your Christmas day.  

Tips for iPhone photos for Christmas morning

Don’t zoom in: Don’t zoom in either get closer to the subject or wait until after you take the photo to edit it.

Natural light is critical and can help make a photo. Try to stand in a spot that has the best light, but beware of shadows casting on the skin.

Sunshine icon: Adjust the light in camera as needed it is looking too bright or dark. There is an option to adjust the lighting by clicking the screen, and a sunshine icon will appear. You can move the sunshine up to add more light and move it down to brighten it.

Use a self-timer: Setting up a timer instead of a selfie. Mix it up this year, if you cannot hand off your phone to take a photo just us the self-timer option. Setup your iPhone at an eye-level position (windowsill or mantel), make sure to use the back of the camera (the quality will be much better) and set the 10-second timer. It will take ten photos and will give you plenty of options to choose from. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a good shot, but is often worth it documenting the holidays with your loved ones!

Use your Apple watch as a remote shutter.

Open the Camera app on your Apple Watch, and it will automatically open the Camera app on the paired iPhone. Prop up the iPhone in a nice vantage point while checking the shot is right on your Apple WatchWhen you're happy, either tap the white circle on the watch screen to take the photo or hit the '3s' button to set a three-second delay. The latter is useful when you want to take - and be in - a group family photo and not be looking down at your watch at the moment the shutter goes off.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! I am so excited to see what 2019 brings and to photograph all of my awesome clients both new & old in this upcoming new year.

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Are you a holiday card procrastinator? Ridgefield, Ct Newborn and Family Photographer

Are you a holiday card procrastinator? You have the ideas in your head, the specific cards picked out, but no images to fill them up?


Well Kendra is here to save the day! Book your session before this upcoming Tuesday December 13th and get your images delivered back in one week! Normally my turn around time is three weeks, but I decided to up it for this time of year only! It won’t be lasting long, but it is the perfect opportunity for you procrastinators!


Worried it is too cold outside for photos? No worries! Photos can also take place in your home of your family decorating the tree, cuddle up in front of your fireplace reading stories or doing fun activities such as baking cookies! The ideas are endless, but your time is not. Email to book before your time has run out.

Black Friday Specials

It is officially holiday season now that thanksgiving is over and now it is time for the very limited time offers for Black Friday!


Don’t forget these specials are for a limited time and have limited quantities. Are you ready to hear what I am offering?

Special: #1-

  • $100 off collection 2-4 when booking a 2019 session (limited to the first 2 bookings)

  • Receive $50 off collection 1 when booking a 2019 session (limited to the first 2 bookings)

    -Retainer and full session fee must be paid in full at the time of booking. Cannot be used towards already booked sessions*

Special #2-

Do you still have heart eyes from your fall images and regretting not purchasing additional digitals or prints? Now is the perfect time to order those digitals or prints for the holidays. They make for perfect gifts for the holidays!

  • 25% off of digital images and prints

Special #3-

-Book a maternity or newborn session and get a $200 credit towards a Fresh 48 session


Specials are due to expire Monday 11/26 evening at 8 pm!

Are you ready to book or order more digital images? Email me at


*All sessions booked and collections purchased on Black Friday with special #1 must be used by August 1st, 2019. No refunds will be given on Black Friday purchases. Contract will be sent within one week of purchase and due back signed upon receiving.*

Specials listed above cannot be combined with any other offers/specials.

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Why should I book a lifestyle newborn session?: Newtown Ct Lifestyle Newborn and family Photographer

Why should I book a lifestyle newborn session?

When expecting a child you have so many different thoughts running in your brain and the thought of finding a photographer can be overwhelming. I am sure there are so many thoughts running through your head of whether or not you should make the investment on newborn photos or what type of photos you want to have done. While at the same time questioning it if it’ll be worth it in the end.


All of my Newborn Sessions I photograph take place within the clients home. It is a very comfortable setting and laid back for newborn sessions. After welcoming your baby into the world you are exhausted, sore and sleepy. Whether you deliver your baby naturally or csection, the last thing I want you to worry about is traveling for your photos. I want you to be in your home environment where you feel comfortable and happy. Most of the photos will take place in the master bedroom on the bed or on the couch where you are resting and in a comfortable position.


My newborn sessions are very laid back and I run all on the baby’s schedule, the session runs anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. The baby often runs the show and I like to build in enough time during the session for multiple feedings, diaper changes etc. I don’t want anyone to panic or stress about rushing to get all the photos you want. There is nothing to stress about for your photos, babies are very unpredictable and it is totally normal for the baby to be fussy and for older siblings to be cranky at times.

With lifestyle sessions, I don’t focus on the picture perfect smiles of everyone looking at the camera. Sometimes getting everyone to focus their attention on the camera and smiling can be frustrating and exhausting so I instead focus on the moments of you cradling or rocking your newborn in your arms while your husband tosses your toddler in the air. I want to keep everyone happy and make sure the session very laid back.


 I don’t focus on fancy poses or the typical newborn poses of your baby naked, I often focus on your family as whole and have you focus your attention on your newborn.


I encourage clients to take it all in and just love on your newborn baby

cuddle them,

hold their tiny hands

kiss them

and hug them.

 This stage of your life is full of joy and excitement welcoming a new baby and I want to document all of the different emotions for you to remember.

Newtown Connecticut Family Photographer | Five tips to rock your family photos

Five tips to rock your family photos

You have officially booked your family session and now it is time to prepare for it! You might be feeling a bit nervous, but that is completely normal. How do you do you prepare exactly? Here are my top 5 tips for rocking your family photos


1) Relax

We all know having a camera in front of you can be intimidating, and it can be stressful trying to make sure your children are looking tip top and behaving, but staying calm and relaxed is always one of my top suggestions. If you are stressed, it will show in pictures and I want you to be enjoying your time your little ones loving on them, ticking them and just being together.

2) On the day of the session be sure everyone is well rested and fed.

We can all get a bit cranky when these basic needs are not met. It is important no one shows up to the session on an empty stomach. I encourage everyone has a substantial meal before the session to provide the energy to make it through a fun and potentially active session.

-Nothing worse than having hangry children during your family session


3) Be prepared to have fun, giggle and play games with your family.

I am not the photographer that focuses on everyone looking perfectly at the camera, but instead focus on the little moments and the connection between family members. We don’t want you to have to have stiff and rigid family photos for you to look back upon.

I always encourage my clients to loosen up, have fun, snuggle and laugh with their family. Don’t be afraid of playing with your children; tossing your toddler in the air, swinging your child back & forth, tickling your children or playing ring around the Rosie. Interacting with your children and playing with your children will create more genuine and happy smiles.


4) Be calm and patient with your little ones.

Little ones can be very hit or miss when it comes to their moods, they can be very unpredictable. I roll with the punches and try everything up my sleeve I can to get a smile out of them, but parents staying cool, calm and collective is often the best solution to their cranky vibes.


If their mood starts to go bad to worse in a matter of seconds I always recommend parents

  • Stay calm (they can sense when you are tense/stressed and it will make them more upset)

  • Hold them/rock them/sing to them/pat them on the back

  • Bring the child’s favorite comfort toy/book for them to hold, it can help calm them down


There is nothing sweeter than a photo of a momma comforting and loving on her baby.

5) Give yourself enough time


I suggest arriving to the session at least 10 minutes early dressed and ready. I photograph the hour before sunset (golden hour) and after this hour the light is very limited. Be sure to give yourself enough time to get ready and to get to the location, nothing is worse then when you are rushing.

You’ve got this! I try to keep the session upbeat and fun for everyone.

Fresh 48, It's a girl | Fairfield County Maternity, Fresh 48, Newborn and Family Photographer

I photographed the sweetest Fresh 48 session recently! For this Fresh 48 session this sweet family didn’t know the sex of their second child until she was born.

Are you curious of what a Fresh 48 session is? A Fresh 48 is a session takes place within the first 48 hours of your baby's life. This session focuses on your newborn baby and your family as a whole. The first couple days of welcoming your baby into the world can feel like such a blur with such happy and important memories taking place in such a short period of time. This will be one of your favorite days of your life and I want you to have images from this time to remember. The session typically takes place in the hospital, home, birthing center and is up to 60 minutes long. 


Surprise its a GIRL!


Now they are blessed with not one, but TWO little girls.


This sweet momma was over the moon to have her newest baby in her arms after a long 9 months of waiting.


This sweet new addition was WIDE awake during most of the session and was happiest being held by her Mommy & Daddy.


Her big sister was so excited to hold her, kiss her and give her the pacifier when the baby got fussy. I have a feeling they will make a great duo one day!


Welcome baby M!

One day Soon You're Going To Miss This; Newtown, Connecticut Photographer

We all hear friends, family and everyone else & their brother say the saying "Time flies." I will be the first to admit I thought that quote was silly and I always thought to myself I will never say that...until mid-April five years ago.


The very day I became an Aunt to two little girls was the day I admited I learned that time indeed flies by us and there isn't much you can do to slow it down. 


When I was growing up, I had a lot of things prepared in my head how I would think life would go and who I thought I would be as I got older including the type of Aunt I thought I would be. I find it funny looking back now at how much my predictions have altered.


I did not see myself being such a sappy Aunt. I always knew that I would love to be an Aunt as I always have loved being around children, but something inside of me changed the moment I found out my sister was having twins.

  • I was/am always impatiently waiting for the next visit
  • Wanting updated photos and videos daily
  • Always wanting to facetime when driving to them wasn't feasible
  • Crying at old videos/photos when they were babies

I wish we had the power to slow down time so we could absorb all the little moments of their lives, but I am just trying to do my best of being present in their lives and spending all the time I can when they are still little. Some moments aren't easy or perfect with having little ones, but one day soon I will look back upon when they were 5 and miss it all. I will keep on photographing them and be documenting all the moments I can look upon when they are grown. 


As they become older, there are certain moments in a child's life that we find ourselves more prepared for them to grow out of than other moments.  We are not always willing to let go of the little things such as, that they might be too big to carry, that they are too cool to give kisses goodbye or too big to hold our hands. We want them to grow up strong, but it can be a bittersweet time and can be hard to let go of particular things. I used to love holding both of my nieces in my arms when I would visit them, but as they grew and grew that became impossible for me to carry two at the same time. Now I know that they are getting too big for me to hold and soon this will be a thing of the past that I will have to look back through photos to remember. 


Now if only I could learn how to make time slow down...

Maternity Models Needed | Fairfield County, Ct Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer

Kendra Conroy Photography has a couple model call session opportunities for you this Fall! Read below to learn more about the two Model Call sessions I am looking to fill this Fall.


Models Needed:

1) 2 Maternity Models- Looking for a fun & loving couple who will be  30-34 weeks pregnant in late September or early October. Sessions will be 1 hour long and take place in the location of my choice.

2) 2 Newborns for Fresh 48 sessions -Looking for a sweet and loving family who is expecting a child to arrive this upcoming September or early October. A Fresh 48 is a session takes place within the first 48 hours of your baby's life. This session focuses on your newborn baby and your family as a whole. The session typically takes place in the hospital, home, birthing center and is up to 60 minutes long. 


The sessions are complimentary but do require a $100 retainer to reserve your spot. This fee is refundable and will be returned to your following your session, or can be applied towards your purchase should you decide to make one. Should a cancellation occur, the retainer fee will not be refunded, and I will move on to the next family on the list. Included in the session is 2 high resolution digital images with a print release.

Do either of these model calls sound like a fit for you? 

If interested in either model call sessions please email 


*Participants must live in Fairfield County, Ct or be willing to travel to Fairfield Country, Ct. Must also be willing to sign a contract and a model release form stating they give permission to use for social media and advertising purposes.*

Location, location, location

Locations are very important for my family sessions. I find tha the setting for the session can help tell a story by highlighting the beauty that surrounds us each and every day.

Each person has a particular place in their mind that is their happy place, the place that makes them feel alive. The type of location it varies for each person, it could be the woods, the ocean, the mountains or even in their own home.


When I choose locations for sessions I look for both quiet, but unique places. I feel like these places give both myself and my clients the desire to explore and discover our surroundings. 


Do you ever go a new place and instantly feel a particular way?


Does it...

  • Makes your heart happy?
  • Give you the desire to explore?
Lifestyle Family Photographer FairfieldCountyCt Kendra Conroy Photography
  • Does it set you free? Or does it make you feel at peace?
  • Does it make you dream of your own future? 
Kendra Conroy Photography NewtownCtFamilyPhotographer

A location can help shape a session and make a tremendous impact on a session.