Garden of Ideas

Located in Ridgefield Ct on 653 North Salem Road Ridgefield, Ct about 5 minutes from downtown Ridgefield.

You will know you are in the right spot when you spot a mailbox and a sign that is located right near the mailbox that says Garden of ideas. The sign also says fresh vegetables and open today.

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Turn into the gravel parking lot and park there. There will be a shed that is currently being built and to the left of that there is an area in which you can wait for me to meet you where there are chairs to sit. If you arrive early be sure to wait there so I can easily find you when it's your time for your session slot.

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Everything is in full bloom and looking absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to photograph all the Mommas and their sweet kiddos in this beautiful space. Here are some previews of the location!


Things to be prepared for:

-There is not much service in this particular area and I will not be able to check emails or texts during sessions.

-The location is a little wet and muddy from all the rain we’ve had in the last month.

-With the session being outdoors I suggest bringing sunscreen and bug spray for your children.

-Be sure to arrive early- These mini sessions are back to back and there is no wiggle room. If you are running late, I unfortunately cannot give you extra time during your session since it would push back each session following yours.

-Be aware that there are no bathrooms located on this property

-No need to bring props for your session as I will be bringing a blanket for the sessions

Feel free to email me with any concerns or questions you might have! I am so excited for your session!