Meet Kendra

Meet Kendra

With little ones comes the painful realization that you cannot freeze time, but you can document the moments that matter.

As an aunt to two beautiful nieces, I know that time refuses to slow down. I tell my sister that all the adorable giggles, first-times, and milestones feel imprinted in your brain now, but time is sneaky and sleep-deprivation is real.

In an era where our images and pictures live in a digital world, it’s important to experience the luxury of top of the line photography you can hold in your hands.

I’ve made it my career to help families document this time in your life with heirloom quality photography that captures the “right-now.”

This is the only time your son will be two and just forming words into sentences. This is the only time your two week old daughter will literally fit in the palms of your hands.

Let’s capture the moments that matter with lifestyle photography that speaks to the essence of your family today and preserves your love for each child right now.

My passion is to capture natural family moments on camera, so that you can pass down your photos for generations. Photos that create conversation and have your children gathering over the pictures talking about that one time when and remember how mom used to…

With Kendra Conroy Photography you can keep remembering the stories and legacies created in this stage of your life for years to come.

Remember this time in your life with rose colored glasses.  

When I look back at the pictures from my childhood when my parents were together, it has me reminiscing on a time in my life I will never get back. I cherish those photos with all of my heart.

That’s the thing about great photography, no matter what life throws at you… you can actually remember great moments with rose colored glasses because it captures the feeling and love in that instance.

Capture your love for each child right now, at this stage. It only comes once. Create the opportunity to have photos they can look back on and know how much they were truly loved and cared for.