Holiday Mini Session Guide

Holiday Mini Session Guide 2020


Mini session day is almost here, get excited!! It will be a great day , and I cannot wait to photograph your sweet families.



Here are some suggestions to make the session go smoothly:

1) Arrive 15 minutes early: I suggest arriving at the session at least 15 minutes early dressed and ready. Be sure to give yourself enough time to get ready and to get to the location, nothing is worse than when you are rushing.

Location details: Castle Hill Farm 30 Sugar Lane Newtown, Ct 06470

(Be sure to type in address not farm name)

Where do we park? Right hand side on the grass or side of road. The tree farm will be on your right across from the cows when you turn the big corner. I will try to have a sign out.

Where do we meet? You can stay on the grass near your cars or by the rock wall until the session prior to you has completed

What happens if we are running late? These mini sessions are back to back and there is absolutely no wiggle room. If you are running late, I, unfortunately, cannot give you extra time during your session since it would push back each session following yours. I recommend arriving early to avoid traffic delays. Please do everything in your favor to show up EARLY and not late/right on time.


2) Relax

We all know having a camera in front of you can be intimidating, and it can be stressful trying to make sure your children are looking tip top and behaving, but staying calm and relaxed is always one of my top suggestions. If you are stressed, it will show in pictures and I want you to be enjoying your time with your little ones loving on them, ticking them, and just being together.

2) On the day of the session be sure everyone is well-rested and fed.

We can all get a bit cranky when these basic needs are not met. It is important no one shows up to the session on an empty stomach. I encourage everyone to have a substantial meal before the session to provide the energy to make it through a fun and potentially active session.

-Nothing worse than having hangry children during your family session

3) Have outfits ready the day before: I always recommend having the outfits coordinated and ready the day before to make everyone more prepared. I have a helpful style guide

What do we wear? I recommend my clients choose neutral and softer colors as I think they photograph beautifully. Be sure to avoid mixing patterns and wearing clothing with wording on it as it can be distracting. If you have any last minute styling questions, feel free to email me photos at and I would be happy to help pick!

Be sure to dress for chillier weather as the temperature will be chiller. We want to make sure everyone is toasty and happy during the session. I recommend dressing your children in layers.

I would recommend dressing the little ones in layers or bringing an extra sweater and hat just in case it is colder than expected.


3) Be calm and patient with your little ones.

Little ones can be very hit or miss when it comes to their moods, they can be very unpredictable. I roll with the punches and try everything up my sleeve I can to get a smile out of them, but parents staying cool, calm, and collective is often the best solution to their cranky vibes.

If their mood starts to go bad to worse in a matter of seconds I always recommend parents

  • Stay calm (they can sense when you are tense/stressed and it will make them more upset)

  • Hold them/rock them/sing to them/pat them on the back

  • Bring the child’s favorite comfort toy/book for them to hold, it can help calm them down

4) Be prepared to have fun, giggle, and play games with your family.

I am not the photographer that focuses on everyone looking perfectly at the camera, but instead focus on the little moments and the connection between family members. We don’t want you to have stiff and rigid family photos for you to look back upon.

I always encourage my clients to loosen up, have fun, snuggle, and laugh with their family. Don’t be afraid of playing with your children; tossing your toddler in the air, swinging your child back & forth, tickling your children, or playing ring around the Rosie. Interacting with your children and playing with your children will create more genuine and happy smiles.

Things to be prepared for:

-I will be unavailable to text/take calls as I will be doing back to back sessions

Be sure to arrive early– These mini sessions are back to back and there is no wiggle room. If you are running late, I, unfortunately, cannot give you extra time during your session since it would push back each session following yours.

-No need to bring props for your session as I will be bringing a blanket for the sessions

Feel free to email me with any concerns or questions you might have! I am so excited for your session!