meet kendra


Hi, I’m Kendra, and I’m living my dream of giving families beautifully captured memories in Connecticut, New York and surrounding areas. 

Between my dad’s career as a wedding and events photographer, and my mother’s love of being behind a camera, you could say I come by it naturally. I’ve spent my entire life witnessing my parents light up at the special privilege of documenting treasured moments. Their passion has become my own, leading me into this adventure of photographing families, children and newborns. 

For me, photography is an artistic expression that has tremendously enriched my life – turning a shy young girl into a confident, camera-wielding artist. I feel most alive when I’m helping a family memorialize everyday moments. 

Becoming an aunt to two little girls has made me realize how quickly time flies and how fast kids grow. I love looking back on photographs I’ve taken of my nieces and am so glad for every image documenting when they were little. I can understand why parents want this for their kids too. 

I’m also a nature lover and am in my element using a grove of trees, sandy beach, glowing sunset or wild field of grass as backdrops. Nature has a way of bringing out the carefree, relaxed and playful side of families which always become photo album favorites. Connecticut happens to have some of the most breathtaking scenery of any state – giving my clients an extraordinary advantage. 

After doing this for a few years, I’ve noticed getting family, children or newborn photos taken can be intimidating to a lot of parents. It’s hard to know if your kids will cooperate, if the setting will be just right and if the photos will turn out as great as you expect. Family photography is an investment you want to make sure is worthwhile. 

I totally understand all these reservations and put extra effort into making sure our sessions are easy, comfortable and fun. Before each photography appointment, I provide my clients with a comprehensive guide answering all the questions they 

may have and giving advice on attire, location, and how to help children and newborns relax and turn on the charm. I believe it’s my job to create an experience, not just provide a photo catalog. 

I can’t wait to get to know your family and help you pause time with a wonderful photography experience. Let’s start planning for your session today. 

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