Fall Family Wardrobe 101

If you follow me on Instagram I know I promised my followers I would share my top suggestions of what to wear for this upcoming Fall season! 


Styling your family for a photo shoot can be very stressful at times, but I am here to help make the whole process quick and painless!!


Here are my top 5 tips for styling your family for your upcoming session:

1) Start with one outfit and add on/work from there. 

 2) Complement & coordinate, but don’t get too matchy 

3) Find a color palette that you love and choose outfits that compliment each other without looking too matchy-matchy. We want everyone to look unique and portray their individual style.

4) Opt for neutrals with a few pops of color or a softer palette that has different ranges in tone of the same shades. Neutrals tend to photograph better. Bright/neon colors can create color casts that then reflect onto your skin.

5) Stay away from the ‘blue jeans and white t-shirt’ for everyone or outfits that don’t allow personality. 


Do we all have to match? 

When you think of a family photo shoot, many think of everyone wearing the same exact color…Looks great right? Nope! Matching clothes can be quite overwhelming and everyone tends to blend in with one another when photographed.

I encourage the families to coordinate outfits. For example, choose a color shirt for mom that compliments with dad’s. instead, for example choosing a color shirt for mom that compliments with dads. Choose 2 or 3 colors that you think will work well together. This allows everyone to stand out instead of blending in with one another.


When you book a session with me clients recieve a style guide as well as a client guide helping them make the process of getting ready for family sessions easy! 


We are creating a memory of your favorite day. I want you to choose clothing that reflects who you are as a person and makes you feel both beautiful and confident! Check out my style guide on pinterest for my favorite fall picks for 2018 in the box below.  

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