Top 5 Reasons Not To Procrastinate on your Fall family photos Newtown, Connecticut Family Photographer

Fall is right around the corner, some of you are ready Fall to come, and others are trying to keep summer from disappearing. Before we know it the fall season will be in full swing whether we like it or not!


Fall is the perfect time to take your photos for your holiday card. Do you want to know why? I am going to share my top reasons why I think you shouldn’t procrastinate this year on holiday cards!!


Why is Fall the perfect time of year to get your family photos taken?


1) The weather is JUST right, not too hot and not too cold. If you wait until the week before Holiday cards have to be mailed out you will be finding your family photos will be full of snotty noses and super rosy red cheeks from the cold weather.

2) The foliage is a beautiful arrangement of vibrant colors making it a gorgeous background for your photos! We all know those beautiful leaves only last for a very limited time before dropping to the ground leaving us looking at bare trees. The colorful leaves are a much prettier backdrop then bare trees! 

3) You won’t find yourself scrambling for time waiting for your cards to be delivered in time

4) During the Fall the sunsets get earlier and earlier, so that means you get that beautiful golden light during your family session! Golden hours is the hour before sunset and during summer golden hour is typically around a child’s bedtime. The sessions take place earlier in the night and it can be more flexible for families with children with early bedtimes.

5) The fall wardrobe is the comfiest! During your family session think this comfy long dresses, cozy warm sweaters and your family cuddled up on warm blankets. Sounds perfect to me!


Ready to book a last minute family session? I still have a couple dates left for September & October and I would love to photograph your sweet family!

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