Ridgefield Connecticut: Family and Newborn Photographer Kendra Conroy Photography: Tips on downloading and storing your images:

Your images are now ready to download and

now what do you do?

Tips on downloading and storing your images:

Photographs are very important and special to you and your family. It is devastating to lose special memories and can be very expensive to recover when the images become lost/damaged.

It is critical to be prepared by storing them in multiple places. Storing them in various places can give you peace of mind if something were ever to happen (theft, fire/water damage, etc). I store my images on an online storage system (I use google drive), a backup hard drive (or 2 never hurts) and for really important photos, put them on a USB in a fireproof box with other important papers.

USB-Pay an additional fee to have images delivered on a custom usb from Kendra Conroy Photography

PRINT PRINT PRINTS-Making copies of your images in both digital and print form is very important. Prints are classic and something you won’t ever regret doing. Digital files have a risk of being lost in the cloud, stolen, corrupted and damaged, having a printed copy is always a good idea.

Backup Hard drive-One of the best suggestions is to have your images stored in multiple places as technology can fail, and files can be damaged. It is much better to be safe than sorry to store your images in various places. -If you need suggestions for a good external hard drive, Wirecutter, the New York Times product-review site, has a roundup of options at different sizes and price points here.

Online Cloud service– Backup images to online cloud service. There are multiple different online places to back up your , and all have their pros & cons, be sure to research before choosing a service. Many services offer free backups and can be very convenient as you can view them from multiples places (phone, iPad, tablet and computer.) -Suggested services-Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Prime

Do’s and dont’s:

● When downloading images from your online gallery, I suggest downloading them onto your computer rather than your phone/tablet/iPad. The quality might not be the same

● Don’t print images from your phone

● Don’t rely on only storing images on facebook or other social media outlets. The images size can be reduced dramatically, and the quality won’t be good when trying to print pictures.

● Be aware not all places that print images will be the same quality as the digital version and cannot be guaranteed to be the same quality as when getting them printed through Kendra Conroy Photography.

● 3rd Party printing places such as Walgreens, Shutterfly, and Walmart can alter the images to make them oversaturated, duller, or less sharp.

● Don’t rely on storing your images in one place as things can happen when you least expect it, and you can lose very important images within seconds. Recover services do exist when files go missing but can be very pricey and can’t as be guaranteed to work.

Do you have any more questions regarding how to download or store your special photographs? Feel free to email Kendra@kendraconroy.com

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