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Newborn Guide:

How Long Is The Session?

-Anywhere between 1 hour to 2 hours max all depending on how baby’s mood is. Typically during newborn sessions we take a lot of feeding and diaper changing breaks.



Random Helpful Tips For Your Session:

-Make sure everyone eats before session (Mom, dad & siblings)

-Try your best to stay calm when the baby gets fussy. It can be very stressful when the baby gets upset, but it is all normal.

-Take it all in and just love on your newborn baby. Cuddle them, kiss them and hug them. This stage of your life is full of joy and excitement welcoming a new baby and I want to document all of the different emotions for you to remember.



How Do We Get The Baby Ready?

  • 1/2 hour before I arrive please have a fresh diaper on the baby and give one last feeding. Feeding the baby prior to the session starting can help make the baby sleepy.

  • TemperatureThe warmer the room better, turning the heat on an hour before the session will keep the baby happy and comfortable. You can lower the temperature before Kendra is set to arrive to make it feel more comfortable for the parents.

  • Be prepared for breaks- The baby runs the show and will take some occasional breaks for feedings, diaper changes etc. Babies can be very unpredictable and it is totally normal for the baby to be fussy.

    Where Are We Going To Take The Photos?

  • A majority of the session will take place in the baby’s room or master bedroom or living room so please have the curtains and shades open to allow the natural light to come through.

  • I often love to pose the family and new baby in the parent’s bed, on the couch, anywhere comfy and snuggly.

  • No need to clean, but just try and make sure the clutter has found its way to a closet in these particular rooms.




What Do We Wear?

-Start with one outfit and add-on/work from there. 

-Try to stick to the Neutral/Pastel color palette (they photograph better)

-Dress Comfortably (The session is a laid back and fun shoot so it is important you feel comfortable whatever you are wearing)

-Avoid clothing with wording/characters on it


What Should The Baby Wear?

-The baby will be swaddled a majority of the session, but I suggest setting aside 1 or 2 simple outfits for them to wear during the session.

I am so excited for our upcoming session!


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