Why should I book a lifestyle newborn session?: Newtown Ct Lifestyle Newborn and family Photographer

Why should I book a lifestyle newborn session?

When expecting a child you have so many different thoughts running in your brain and the thought of finding a photographer can be overwhelming. I am sure there are so many thoughts running through your head of whether or not you should make the investment on newborn photos or what type of photos you want to have done. While at the same time questioning it if it’ll be worth it in the end.


All of my Newborn Sessions I photograph take place within the clients home. It is a very comfortable setting and laid back for newborn sessions. After welcoming your baby into the world you are exhausted, sore and sleepy. Whether you deliver your baby naturally or csection, the last thing I want you to worry about is traveling for your photos. I want you to be in your home environment where you feel comfortable and happy. Most of the photos will take place in the master bedroom on the bed or on the couch where you are resting and in a comfortable position.


My newborn sessions are very laid back and I run all on the baby’s schedule, the session runs anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. The baby often runs the show and I like to build in enough time during the session for multiple feedings, diaper changes etc. I don’t want anyone to panic or stress about rushing to get all the photos you want. There is nothing to stress about for your photos, babies are very unpredictable and it is totally normal for the baby to be fussy and for older siblings to be cranky at times.

With lifestyle sessions, I don’t focus on the picture perfect smiles of everyone looking at the camera. Sometimes getting everyone to focus their attention on the camera and smiling can be frustrating and exhausting so I instead focus on the moments of you cradling or rocking your newborn in your arms while your husband tosses your toddler in the air. I want to keep everyone happy and make sure the session very laid back.


 I don’t focus on fancy poses or the typical newborn poses of your baby naked, I often focus on your family as whole and have you focus your attention on your newborn.


I encourage clients to take it all in and just love on your newborn baby

cuddle them,

hold their tiny hands

kiss them

and hug them.

 This stage of your life is full of joy and excitement welcoming a new baby and I want to document all of the different emotions for you to remember.

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